The Long Wait (or The Longing and The Weight)

So there we are, hidden inside our snow capped roofs, hiding from the winter like hibernating bears (except we’ve been snacking all winter and binge watching Netflix), and slowly the long hours of darkness start shrinking, and  we see the light of spring on the horizon.  It took a while to get here though. Cabin fever started to kick in and without any winter shows booked, we were pretty much stuck inside these four walls and in our own heads. Inspiration dulled each day like the early sleeping sun. We were floating – but not in a good airy way – we were directionless. After finishing 5 months of touring and all the highs of performing, sitting in one place gets old really quick. Motivation and confidence slip away easily, especially when you start talking to yourself and you don’t have any answers. What’s next? When can we hit the road again? Do we have what it takes to keep following our dream?  Well, a month ago I couldn’t say, but I can answer these questions now.

What’s next for us? Inspiration came back, we picked up the guitars, we put pen to paper, and we started writing, and writing, and writing then we recorded our 2nd album! It’s coming out late spring/early summer. There will be a lot more talk about it later when it’s completed, it’s being mixed right now and (SPOILER ALERT!) it sounds awesome!

When are we hitting the road? Motivation found us and a tour got booked. We are starting in BC on May 11th! We will end up back in BC in August but not before we hit THE ROCK!!! Yeah, we is gonna Newfoundland! Lord tunderin’ jeez!

And… do we have what it takes to follow this dream? Well… yes and no. Farmer The Band is just two of us. Together, we are strong, we fuel each other, we feed off of our own energy, and we reach into our souls and open our hearts and then we shout into the universe that we are on our way. But we know,  it’s more than just our passion, it’s more than Lourine and Glen, it’s the incredible support that we have been given. We couldn’t do it without our family and friends. We are, and forever will, be humbled and grateful for love we’ve received over the years. To our old friends, our new friends, and the friends we haven’t met yet, thank you. You have made us who we are by letting us be who we were meant to be.

Winter is over.

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  1. Your blog is very well written Glen! Leaves me wanting to read the next. Good on both of you for flowing your passion!

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